Congrats to FuturE – July’s OSC Rising Star of the Month!!

Congratulations to FuturE

OSC Rising Star of the Month for July 2017!

Joseph ‘Future’ Anthony
United States 
Sloth E-Sports Club

Each month members of OSC team vote for who we think had stand out or breakthrough performances in OSC events. $75 will be awarded to the Player of the Month, and a place in the Leagues Hall of Fame awarded to a Rising Star! The League features 30+ tournaments a month, and 100’s of players, so to be crowded POTM or Rising Star is quite an achievement!

The Rising Star can only be won by players from the OSC region (North America, China, South East Asia, Latin America and Oceania), but the Player of the Month is open globally!

Factors that influence voting are: Tournament Wins, Tournament Placings, Bounties Won, Upsets/Scalp Points Won, Tournament Earnings, Challenge Match Results, and Participation.

Player of the Month can be won multiple times, but the Rising Star can only be won once!

For past results, and more League statistics, check out our Hall of Fame page!

2017 OSC Stats:

21st in the OSC World Rankings

2 Tournaments wins!

Proxy Tempest Open #59
Proxy Tempest Open #49

OSC $ Bounties Claimed:

$30 KeeN
$30 aLive

$230 Season Earnings

Full votes for July:

12 – FuturE
11 – Shana
8 – starkiller
6 – Mcanning
5 – Crimson
4 – Rex
3 – Erik
2 – Cell
1 – Elusory
1 – Seigifried

Voted by OSC team members: Peppy, Ascarecrow, Seigifried, Bloodyrafe, Namakaye, Azylis, NXZ, Elusory and Eddie