New OSC Bounty Additions, $ Value Changes and Removals

OSC $ Bounties!

As the trend goes for this time of year, we’re now seeing the competition across the League really starting to heat up, as players and fans begin to count down the final weeks until season 2017’s end (Dec 21)! Players are increasing their activity (record numbers of players with over 100 tournaments played this season!), fighting for a chance to qualify for the end of year $10,000+ championship/improved seeding, earning points for their teams in our team championship, or just a better position overall in the World Rankings.

As such, we’re now updating the bounties to add some active high performing players for you to try and take down, increasing the values of others, and removing some who may be less active than previously, or not playing the same main race as previously. There’s still heaps of tournaments left in the season, so happy hunting to all, and hopefully we see some big bounties claimed in the run home!

As of October 25th:
91 bounties ($2765) has been won in season 2017!
All time total bounty winnings: $8780!! (322)



Impact   $40
Reynor    $25
PenguiN   $25
souL  $25
DemiLove  $15
Nice  $15


Zest  ($50)
Scarlett  ($40)
iAsonu  ($30)
iaguz  ($25)
PandaBearMe  ($15)

Change Value:

INnoVation  increased to $100 (was $75)
Neeb  increased to $75 (was $60)
GuMiho   increased to $60 (was $50)
aLive   increased to $40 (was $30)
KeeN   increased to $40 (was $30)
Ryung   increased to $40 (was $30)
Probe  increased to $25 (was $15)
Cyan  increased to $30 (was $25)
Namshar  increased to $30 (was $25)

uThermal  decreased to $40 (was $50)
Seither  decreased to $15 (Was $25)

SCR Bounties:
Legionnaire  $40* *Open to SEA players only
Scan   $40* *Open to non Korean players

Defeat these players in a Bo3+ series in any OSC Partnered tournament and collect the $$!

Open to NA, L.Am, SEA + Chinese players!

All players regardless of region, get 10% of the bounty value in points (eg 10% of a $50 Bounty = 5 bonus points), if that player is higher than them in the current OSC Rankings.

More information regarding Bounties can be found here.

Full Bounty List as of 25th October 2017:

ByuN  $100
INnoVation  $100
Neeb  $75
GuMiho  $60
Solar  $60
herO  $50
Nerchio  $50
Snute  $50
TRUE  $50
aLive  $40
Cham  $40
Impact  $40
KeeN  $40
Kelazhur  $40
Legionnaire (SCR)  $40
Ryung  $40
Scan (SCR)  $40
SpeCial  $40
uThermal  $40
Bly $30
Cyan  $30
PiLiPiLi  $30
Namshar  $30
PenguiN  $25
Probe  $25
Reynor  $25
Semper  $25
souL  $25
Chick  $15
DemiLove  $15
JonSnow  $15
Nice  $15
Seither  $15