$25,000 2020 Super Series: Season 2 Update

OSC Super Series Update!

For 2020, we announced the Super Series as a format to trial ongoing leaderboards for select tournament series with the goal to develop further narratives within our SC2 League over the year.

5 weekly tournament series were selected: The Masters Cup, SC2Online Community Open, Battle of the Americas, PassionCraft Sunday Showdown + Australian Open.

The top 6 ranked players of each leaderboard have been featured and updated on our home page through this first Super Series season:

Extended leaderboard data results:

*Battle of the Americas had 55 unique players place in the cash/tournament top 8, from 13 Cups

*Masters Cups had 51 unique players place in the cash/tournament top 8, 12 Cups

*Sunday Showdowns had 50 unique players place in the cash/tournament top 8, from 13 Cups

*Community Opens had 48 unique players place in the cash/tournament top 8, 13 Cups

*Australian Opens had 33 unique players place in the cash/tournament top 8, 10 Cups

At the time of this update being posted, 4/5 Super Series leaderboard qualifiers have been played, for a seed into May’s $1500 Mid Season Playoffs!

For Super Series Season 2 (May-Mid August), we shall be rotating in/out a couple of events:


IndyK Crew Weeklies

IndyK Crew is a Polish StarCraft II team inspired by Indy and managed by his fans.

Their weekly cup has been running for #14 editions so far, boasting a modest $25 Prizepool.

However, the event has been punching well above it’s weight: utalizing and building their large community to average 31 Signups and 26 Checkins, with highs of 47 + 37 respectively, numbers more akin to larger events!

We’re happy to see not only it’s introducition into the Super Series, but also that the weeklies prizepool shall be increasing from cup #15 onwards/start of Super Series season 2, to $35!!

Shyrshadi Opens

The weekly Open is hosted by Shyrshadi, with support from his fans and the NA community.

The Open has been running for #15 editions so far, with a $50 prizepool on offer!

Despite running in a tradionally challenging timezone, the event has posted very healthy Signup and Check In numbers over it’s run.

It’s an event the NA community really seems to be rallying their support towards, and we’re excited to see that continue as part of the Super Series!

Australian Open
SC2Online Community Open

$100 Masters Cups will be moving from Sundays to Saturdays (4pm EDT / 10pm CEST)

Super Series Season 2 starts with Shyrshadi Open #16 on May 7th

We will also continue to run a monthly OSC Elite Rewards Club Open Qualifier (6 month membership prize) for SC2 players, open to all non members, or current members whose memberships are expiring in less than 2 months. We will mix up when these qualifiers run, to accomadate all player regions.

As always we value your feedback throughout the year. Please reach out to League Management or your Regional Player Representatives to let us know how you feel the Super Series is working in 2020.