Super Series Returns for 2021!

OSC Super Series Update!

What is the Super Series/Quick recap:

In 2020 we created the Super Series as a format to trial ongoing leaderboards for select tournament series with the goal to develop further narratives within our SC2 League over the year (The top 6 ranked players of each leaderboard have been featured and updated on our home page through 2020).

6 regular weekly tournament series each had a top 4 leaderboard qualifier sending through their season champion into the Mid Season Playoffs (3 times per year).

These series champions were joined by 10 OSC Elite Rewards Club members in a double elim bracket to compete for $1500 USD + attempt to lock in a top seed for our 8th annual championship. (Everyone who qualified for the Mid Playoffs got paid!)

Mid Sesaon Playoffs #1, Champion: Cure

Mid Sesaon Playoffs #2, Champion: Solar

Mid Sesaon Playoffs #3, Champion: MaNa

Super Series + Mid Season Playoffs will be returning in 2021!

We’re very happy with how the Super Series and Mid Season Playoffs worked, and helped achieve the goal of keeping the annual Championship front of mind over a long calendar season. So it was an easy choice to bring it back for 2021!

We received some feedback from the weekly Super Series events requesting to review if more than 1 player should advance from their respective leaderboard qualifier, given the 12-15 week season + qualifier bracket. This was done, and we have decided to award 2 seeds into each Mid Season Playoff from each leaderboard top 4 qualifier!

In 2021, 1st place of each qualifier will start in the Mid Season Playoffs Upper Bracket R1 (Top 16), vs 10 OSCE Club members, while 2nd place of each qualifier will start in the Mid Season Playoffs Lower Bracket 1, along with 2 OSCE Club members (These 8 players will play vs the losers of Upper Bracket R1).

$100 will be added to the prizepool of each Mid Season Playoffs, so that we maintain that all who play will cash!

1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $150
4th $120
5/6th $75
7/8th $60
9/12th $32.5
13/16th $25
17/24th $10

The winner of each Mid Season Playoffs still secures themself an important top 20 annual Championship Upper Bracket starting point, a big advantage to one’s path to World Champion (In 8 years, no player is yet to win a Championship from a lower bracket or earlier starting position, although we have had a couple of runners up)!

SDC Cup, a new weekly KR server open event by Some Drunk Canadian. $50 Prizepool.

IndyK Crew Weekly

We will also continue to run a monthly OSC Elite Rewards Club Open Qualifier (6 month membership prize) for SC2 players, open to all non members, or current members whose memberships are expiring in less than 2 months. We will mix up when these qualifiers run, to accommodate all player regions.

As always we value your feedback throughout the year. Please reach out to League Management or your Regional Player Representatives to let us know how you feel the Super Series is working in 2021.

Super Series Season 1 is live now!