HS Season 3 Is Live +Format Changes!

After a 174 tournament $12,000+ 2nd season, we’re excited to be back and starting again with a new season of OSC Hearthstone competition.

ToXavieR and the team have been hard at work to put into action several improvements to the seasonal format, with goals to make Season 3 the biggest yet! More tournaments, more prizes, more fun!

New S3 Changes:

Season 3 Championship will increase to a min starting prizepool of $1200, paying top 32 players.
(1st $250 + Engraved Trophy, 2nd $110, 3rd $80, 4th $60, 5/6th $50 each, 7/8th $40 each, 9/12th $30 each, 13/32nd $20 each)

We will be replicating the format of our SC2 Championship (Now in it’s 9th year), a custom designed 32 player bracket, which rewards and seeds players throughout the bracket based on their final position in the OSC World Rankings at the end of the season (~200 tournaments).

We will run 3 $150+ Mid Season Playoffs at stages over the year, each of which will offer a high seed into the S3 Championship to the winner.
(Mid Season Playoffs are 16 player double elim brackets, featuring 12 OSC Elite Club Members, and 4 open qualifier players)

Each month we shall run an Open Qualifier to the OSC Elite Rewards Club, awarding 1 3 month full membership to the winner, and a 1 month guest pass to 2nd place.

In June + July we shall run 2 x $120 Elite Cups for OSCE Club members, and aim to build on the total number of HS member events (as well as a variety of formats) onwards from there.

And like our SC2 Championship, players will be required to be OSC Elite Rewards Club members to participate in the S3 Championship (Unless have already qualified via Mid Season Playoffs). All club members will be eligible to partcipate in the Championship if feature in the World Rankings, but the final bracket is limited to top 32.

The majority of the events over the season (such as Copa DoomHammer, Leeroy Jenkins Cup, Americas Open, Kael’Thas Cup, etc) remain open to all players and not resticted to OSCE Club members. These tournaments, along with OSCE member only events, contribute to forming the World Rankings which are used for seeding throughout the year as well as the annual Championship.

What is the OSC Elite Rewards Club?

OSC Elite is a Rewards Club for OSC League participants + fans.
Club members receive access to exclusive tournaments, competitions + prizes.
Over $28,000 USD has been won by club members!

Members gain access to a variety of exclusive events, as well as benefits such as:
A once a season 50% OSC point bonus on one tournament of your choosing!! (SC2 + Hearthstone)
Monthly custom artwork drawing ordered for one random club member
10% off all OSC Shop purchases
Private members discord server

Memberships are available in 3, 6 or 12 month packages, the later and cheapest of which is just $5 per month!
(Players can also win memberships or a guest pass via monthly open qualifiers).

(Pictured: examples of custom artwork drawings for OSC Elite Rewards Club Members)

Season 3 is live now!

Be sure to regularly check the OSC events calendar for upcoming tournaments to play in, as well as on our Battlefy home page!