Zest Wins SC2 Mid Season Playoffs #1 + Super Series Season 3 Update

OSC Super Series Update!

Season 1 recap:

Cock of the Walk Champion: Bly
Sunday Showdown Champion: MaxPax
Battle of the Americas Champion: TriGGeR
SDC Cup Champion: ViViD
Pizza Pie Champion: ForJumy
eXoN Cup Champion: Vanya

Mid Season Playoffs #1 ran from June-August:

Zest took out the event, securing himself a Season 9 Championship seed after impressively taking down 2019 World Champion Cure in 2 consecutive series!!

Chickenman covered most of the action, and had this to say about the finals:

“As always, the OSC Mid Season Playoffs did not disappoint! With some of the best players from every region battling it out, there were tons of exciting series, upsets, and a grand final which perfectly capped the incredible tournament! I can’t wait for the next one!”
You can view the VOD of the final day here.

The bracket for Mid Season Playoffs #2 is now live, with broadcasts set to get underway very soon!
Who will be next to join Zest and secure themself a high Championship seed!?

For Super Series Season 3 (September-November), we shall be rotating in/out a couple of events:



ICYMI, SC2 teams PSISTORM Gaming + Team eXoN merged earlier in the year. As such the previous eXon Opens having passed the 50 cup milestone are now rebranding to fall under the unified PSISTORM banner. $50 open weekly tournament.

CSO Open Cups

CSO eSports is a South African based StarCraft II Esports & Events Org. They have been running a biweekly Open Cup for 25 editions, and we’re excited to announce that upon joining the Super Series for Season 3 the cups frequency will increase to weekly! $30, open tournament.

King of the Hill

The King of the Hill is a weekly series for OSC Elite Rewards Club members. 13 Bo1 games! Winner stays on, loser eliminated. $’s + OSC Points for each map won!
$ bonuses for defeating reigning King and ending players on long win streaks. Victor of the final map of the day is crowned King.

For Super Series purposes, scoring will work as follows:

Each map played awards 0.5 Points
Each map won awards 1 Point
Weekly King awarded a bonus 1 Point
Stopping someone on an 8+ win streak earns a bonus 1 Point

The top 8 players at seasons end will play a unique KOTH qualifier, advancing 2 into Mid Season Playoffs #3 later in the year.

Masters Cup

The Masters Cup franchise is not only one the of longest running regular SC2 events, but also one of the longest running in all of competitive esports, so we’re very excited to rotate this series back in for another season of the Super Series. We shall be running one Masters Cup (#145), with an extended format which has proven popular in the past: Bo2 groups > Playoffs, played out over 6 weeks. 50% of participants will cash! Mix of invites and open qualifiers. $600 Prizepool, and top 2 players advance into Mid Season Playoffs #3!

SDC Weekly
eXoN Open Cup
Pizza Pie Weekly
Sunday Showdown


Battle of the Americas


Cock of the Walk

We will also continue to run a monthly OSC Elite Rewards Club Open Qualifier (6 month membership prize for 1st, and 1 month guest pass for 2nd) for SC2 players, open to all non members, or current members whose memberships are expiring in less than 2 months. We will mix up when these qualifiers run, to accomadate all player regions.

As always we value your feedback throughout the year. Please reach out to League Management or your Regional Player Representatives to let us know how you feel the Super Series is working in 2021 and welome suggestions for 2022.