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OSC Elite ends as esports team: Rebrands as new rewards club for OSC League participants + fans!

Team OSC Elite has supported players to compete against the very best of their peers on the biggest starcraft stages across international, regional, and online events over the brands 2+ year esports journey. We’ve been blessed to have worked with some fantastic individuals over those years, and we’re very proud and thankful for all the […]

$1000+ OSC 2019 Raffle Draw! (Participation Prizes)

2019 Raffle Draw! At OSC we have a long history of creating fun incentives, rewards and competitions for our hardworking and increasing playerbase (a growing list of players with over 100 SC2 tournaments played in a season can be viewed in the Leagues Hall of Fame) and in 2019 we are doing so again! This […]

OSC Bounty List Update (August 2019)

OSC $ Bounties! We’ve updated the bounty list to add some high performing active players for you to try and take down, while removing some who may be less active than previously. At current count over $14,300 in bounty prizes have been won, so make sure you signup to tournaments for your shot at taking […]