OSC Bounty List Update (March 2020)

OSC $ Bounties!

We’ve updated the bounty list to add some high performing active players for you to try and take down, while removing some who may be less active than previously. At current count over $15,500 in bounty prizes have been won, so make sure you signup to tournaments for your shot at taking down these guys and collecting the $$’s!

531 ($15,520) bounties have been claimed since the programs inception in 2014!

Top Bounty Hunters can be viewed in the OSC Hall of Fame!



TY $50
PartinG $40
Vanya $30
Denver $30
Creator $20
Chance $15


GuMiho  $75
Stats  $50
aLive  $30
Nerchio  $30
ButAlways  $20
Guru  $20
goblin $20
Losira $15

Change Value:

Cure  increased to $75 (was $30)
Rogue  increased to $75 (was $60)
Zest  increased to $60 (was $50)
Clem  increased to $50 (was $20)
Cham  increased to $40 (was $20)

INnoVation  decreased to $60 (was $75)

Defeat these players in a Bo3+ series in any OSC Partnered tournament and collect the $$!

Open to WCS Circuit Players!

All players regardless of region, get 10% of the bounty value in points (eg 10% of a $50 Bounty = 5 bonus points), if that player is higher than them in the current OSC Rankings.

More information regarding Bounties can be found here.

Think you’ve won a bounty? Shoot an email to OSCSC2@gmail.com listing the event, along with the relevant replays and we’ll check it out. Alternatively all recent bounties are displayed on our home page.

Full Bounty List as of 5th March 2020:

Cure  $75
Neeb  $75
Rogue   $75
Solar  $75
INnoVation  $60
Reynor  $60
ShoWTimE  $60
Zest  $60
Clem  $50
TY $50
uThermal  $50
Cham  $40
PartinG $40
Bly $30
Denver $30
Impact  $30
MaNa  $30
Namshar  $30
RagnaroK  $30
souL  $30
Vanya $30
Armani  $20
Creator $20
SortOf  $20
Astrea  $15
Chance $15
Future  $15
Gerald  $15

OSC Elite ends as esports team: Rebrands as new rewards club for OSC League participants + fans!

Team OSC Elite has supported players to compete against the very best of their peers on the biggest starcraft stages across international, regional, and online events over the brands 2+ year esports journey. We’ve been blessed to have worked with some fantastic individuals over those years, and we’re very proud and thankful for all the passionate fans who supported us and the players over that time. However, today we announce that Team OSC Elite has ended it’s run, as we now move into an exciting new chapter and direction for the brand: OSC Elite will rebrand as a rewards club for OSC League participants and fans!

We would like to express our thanks to our most recent players. MaSa, who represented our brand for over 26 months, successfully balancing a busy study load to consistently deliver very respectable WCS seasons and domestic LAN results throughout that time period. And Erik, who might not have been with us as long as other past players, but is having a career best 2019: his results this year already see him claim a position in the OSC Hall of Fame for most tournaments won in a season! We wish both well, and have every confidence they’ll continue to excel at the game wherever they end up next. Demi and Vivid will continue on as ambassadors for the new rewards club. Our thanks also go to all previous SC2 ambassadors who collaborated with us over the journey.

OSC has always placed a great emphasis on community, and we feel a change in direction for OSC Elite can achieve this goal better. As a rewards club we expect the brand to be more open, returning focus to our growing Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone League playerbases (as well as any potential future sports leagues) and competitions, connecting with and benefiting a greater amount of gamers, athletes, and sports fans than we would as an esports team. Whether pro, aspiring pro, or casual player, we know the OSC system provides players with direct and indirect opportunities to earn an income and exposure on a daily basis from our 600+ annual events. As such, we wanted to provide our most dedicated competitors and fans with some exciting and exclusive opportunities to further support them in their OSC experience. The OSC Elite rewards club can facilate this.

We look forward to working closely with the new OSC Elite!

All current OSC League events (and most new additions) will still operate as normal, open to all: any exclusive rewards club tournaments are extra on top!

Current OSC subscribers shall recieve access to the rewards club: No need to purchase both!

So what’s on offer?

Members only SC2 + Hearthstone $$ tournaments (+ OSC Pts)

Players Pass to annual OSC end of season SC2 Championship
*Will still need to qualify

50% OSC point bonus on one tournament of your choosing!! (SC2 or Hearthstone)
*Must be an open tournment, not something you’ve been invited to + must contact OSCSC2@gmail.com with your request before the event starts.

3x Bonus Tickets for OSC $1000+ 2019 Raffle prize
*You must have purchased an intial $10 Buy In.

Monthly custom artwork drawing ordered for one random club member

10% off all OSC Shop purchases

Private members discord server


1000’s of $’s of prizes!

12 month membership: $60 USD ($5 per month)

6 month membership: $40 USD ($6.65 per month)

More Info Here!