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2017 League Participation Results, Stats + Prize Winners!

Getting esports athletes and casual gamers to compete in what is commonly acknowledged as one of the hardest esports titles to play in competitively, can be a challenging task! Nevertheless, in 2017 we saw more tournaments, rewards, awareness and prestige built around the OSC World Rankings, and as a result, more players enter the fray of competitive/professional Starcraft events than ever before, and result in another record breaking year! The League saw a yearly participation increase of 22.5% on 2016! Many individual and regional participation records were broken/past (which can be viewed in the Leagues Hall of Fame)! 120 players won a tournament, 264 players directly won $’s from tournaments and competitions, while pleasingly more teams continue to offer support and incentivize their players to play and perform in OSC, outside of what we ourselves directly offer! Now that the game is free to play, we’re even more excited by what we can all work towards in 2018, and keep the sport moving upwards!

Participation Leaders for Season 2017:

(Number of tournaments played)

300 Elusory 

190 Seigifried 

178 starkiller 

172 DemiLove 

152 Cham 

142 MeomaikA

132 Ascarecrow

131 FuturE

123 Blord 

111 PenguiN

100 JackO

98 Lillekanin

93 ArchangeL

87 Nice 

86 Namshar 

Participants by Country:

SC2 Race Distribution over 2017:

OSC Participation 2013-17:

Regional Participation Prize Winners for July-December 2017:

SEA/CN ($600 AUD):
1st $150 Elusory (189)
2nd $125 DemiLove (86)
3rd $100 Ascarecrow (85)
4th $75 MeomaikA (78)
5th/6th $50 ErebusBlack (67), Nice (54)
7/8th $25 Vivid (36), Azure (32)

NA/L.AM ($500 USD)
1st $200 starkiller (145)
2nd $125 Seigifried (111)
3rd $75 Cham (79)
4th/5th $50 FuturE (61), Prosper (44)

EU/KR (425 USD)
1st $150 PhoenixTears (70)
2nd $100 whiteant (65)
3rd $75 hinO (58)
4th/5th $50 souL (52), JackO + Lillekanin (51) *$25 each

Regional Participation Prize Winners for January-June 2017 can be viewed here.

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