An Interview with Spear (Formerly FXOTree)

Today we hope to bring to you a bit of insight into Korean Spear

(Formerly FXOTree).

Spear is an online Terran Powerhouse!

We often see him in the final rounds of numerous tournaments across all regions, or as the eventual champion, but despite this, he still somewhat flys under the radar. He plays for DuSt Gaming, but other than that, like many of his Korean compatriots, we rarely hear from them outside of the game! Who is the man behind the loading screen? What’s his story? Let’s find out!

ANZ Game Servers Now Available!

ANZ Game Servers Now Available!

ANZ Game Servers Now Available!

-Originally published by Blizzard Entertainment here.

Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to announce the immediate availability of StarCraft II game servers hosted in Australia, ahead of the November 10 launch of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. This new infrastructure should result in improved gameplay for players across Australia and New Zealand.

2015 OSC World Rankings, Updates + Future

The Oseanic StarCraft 2 Championship Series (OSC) is the Oceanic, South East Asian, North American and Chinese regional championship, which follows a yearly season format, where players earn points for placing in all partnered tournaments.

The top 32 players ranked via the OSC Player Leader board at the end of the season are then invited to play in the 2 day minimum $5000+ Grand Finale to determine the yearly champion! OSC World Rankings were established in December 2012.

Current season rankings and database can be viewed here.