New OSC Bounty Additions, $ Value Changes and Removals (Feb 2019)

OSC $ Bounties!

As a new OSC season starts to take shape and the competition across the League really starts to heat up, it’s time for us to review the bounties on offer across all tournaments! We’ve updated the bounty list to add some high performing active players for you to try and take down, increased the values of others, while removing some who may be less active than previously. At current count over $13,500 in bounty prizes have been won, so make sure you signup to tournaments for your shot at taking down these guys and collecting the $$’s!

2018 Bounty recap:
112 bounties ($4105) were won in season 2018!
All time total bounty winnings: $13,510!!



ShoWTimE  $60
MaSa  $20
Guru  $20
Future  $15
JimRising  $15
Spear  $15


Serral  $75
SpeCial  $40
Snute  $40
Ryung  $30
KeeN  $30
Probe  $20

Change Value:

GuMiho  increased to $75 (was $60)
Reynor increased to $60 (was $40)
uThermal  increased to $50 (was $40)

INnoVation  decreased to $75 (was $100)
Nerchio  decreased to $30 (was $40)
TRUE  decreased to $30 (was $50)
Impact  decreased to $30 (was $40)
Cham  decreased to $20 (was $40)
Losira decreased to $15 (was $20)

Defeat these players in a Bo3+ series in any OSC Partnered tournament and collect the $$!

Open to WCS Circuit Players!

All players regardless of region, get 10% of the bounty value in points (eg 10% of a $50 Bounty = 5 bonus points), if that player is higher than them in the current OSC Rankings.

More information regarding Bounties can be found here.

Full Bounty List as of 15th Feb 2019:

GuMiho  $75
INnoVation  $75
Neeb  $75
Solar  $75
Reynor  $60
Rogue   $60
ShoWTimE  $60
Dark  $50
Stats  $50
uThermal  $50
Zest  $50
aLive  $30
Bly $30
Creator  $30
Impact  $30
MaNa  $30
Namshar  $30
Nerchio  $30
souL  $30
TRUE  $30
Cham  $20
Guru  $20
MaSa  $20
Seither  $20
Future  $15
JimRising  $15
Losira  $15
Spear  $15

2018 League Participation Results + Stats!

Getting esports athletes and casual gamers to compete in what is commonly acknowledged as one of the hardest esports titles to play competitively, can be a challenging task! Nevertheless, in 2018 we saw more tournaments, rewards, awareness and prestige built around the OSC World Rankings, and as a result, more players enter the fray of competitive/professional Starcraft events than ever before, culminating in another record breaking year! A credit to the collective effort of all OSC League Partners, staff, players, supporters and the community at large!

A quick look at some 2018 numbers:

  • The League saw a yearly participation increase of 24.6% on 2017!

  • Number of tournaments increased 16.9% on 2017!

  • 141 individual players won a tournament!

  • 315* players directly won $’s from tournaments and competitions!

  • 110* OSC $ Bounties were claimed, for a total of $4005!

And many individual and regional records were broken/past (which can be viewed in the Leagues Hall of Fame)!

*Still some prizes still to be calculated

Participation Leaders for Season 2018:

(Number of tournaments played)

150 starkiller

147 Barbarossa

138 BluE 

133 Ukko

126 Bee 

124 Vivid 

115 Ziomek

114 Guru

107 Krystianer

102 Demi 

90 Brat_OK

89 domickc 

87 Bioice 

85 Lillekanin 

82 Cham 

Most Tournaments Won For Season 2018:

34 Solar 

32 Cham 

24 JimRising 

20 Bly  + Guru 

19 Spear 

17 Future 

Highest Season Series Win % (Min 5 Tournaments Played):

Solar  85.71% (63 Tournaments, 238 Series Played)

ShoWTimE  85% (5, 20)

uThermal  82.18% (25, 101)

PartinG  81.4% (12, 43)

Dark  80.95% (10, 42)

Snute  80.56% (12, 36)

Elazer  80% (5, 25)

TY  80% (5, 20)

Participants by Country:


SC2 Race Distribution over 2018:


24.6% Growth on 2017.


16.9% Growth on 2017.


We have some exciting things planned for 2019, as we aim to continue to build on 6 years of sporting history and growth!

OSC Season 6 (2018) Championship Brackets + Groups Announced/Explained!

The top 50 players ranked via the OSC World Rankings have been invited to play in our revered OSC Finals, where we determine our yearly champion! Every player who plays in the finals gets be paid! We have designed a finals format which rewards the players who finish highly in the World Rankings, as they have shown a combination of results and regular participation throughout the year, and deserve rewards for their efforts. Thus seeding and competition for position within the rankings is highly important!

The OSC Season 6 Championship will be played over 10 days across the first 2 weeks of January 2018. (After which, season 2019 will immediately begin!)

This Championship will be the culmination of our 650 Tournament season!

Liquipedia Page.

Teamliquid thread.



Casting Talent: Wardi, Azylis, VOJ, Anansi, Chickenman +?

+Other Language Coverage.

Every series this tournament will be streamed!!

1st $1000 + Trophy
2nd $500
3rd $350
4th $250
5/6th $175 each
7/8th $150 each
9/10th $100 each
11/14th $75 each
15/18th $50 each
19/26th $27.5 each
27/32nd $20 each
33/38th $15 each
39/50th $10 each

If YOU want to help support the players and increase the starting prizepool, we have a matcherino page setup, where you can add $1 for FREE with the code OSC18

Also make sure to checkout the cool rewards on offer which can help boost the prizepool of this event!

Group + Playoff Brackets:

Players (27-50th), play in Four 6 player SSL/Masters Cup style (Bo2’s) groups. The top 12 players post groups are matched up in the playoff stage to determine the 6 best players to join the Championship Bracket.


Group A Thursday January 3rd at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Group B Friday January 4th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Group C Saturday January 5th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Group D Sunday January 6th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Playoff Round Monday January 7th at 7pm KST (11am CET / 2am PST)

Championship Bracket:

The top 26 highest players from the 2018 season, get seeded into championship bracket. 1-20 Upper Bracket, 21-26th Lower Bracket.

Players 21-25 will be able to choose their opponent from the the playoff round! (21st first choice, 22nd second, etc)

The Grand Finals will either be 2xBo5’s with the upper bracket player only needing to win one series, and the lower player two, or a Bo7, with the upper bracket player starting 1-0 up. The upper bracket player may choose which format they prefer.

Championship Bracket Day 1/5 Tuesday January 8th at 7pm KST (11am CET / 2am PST)
Championship Bracket Day 2/5 Thursday January 10th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Championship Bracket Day 3/5 Friday January 11th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Championship Bracket Day 4/5 Saturday January 12th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)
Championship Bracket Day 5/5 Sunday January 13th at 8pm KST (12pm CET / 3am PST)


Above: Trophy won by yearly Champion!

2017 Champion: Neeb
2016 Champion: ByuN

2015 Champion: Solar
2014 Champion: GuMiho
2013 Champion: PiG

More records can be found at OSC’s Hall of Fame page.