Odin (Aka MAMAE) – Brazil


Current OSC Season:

Current Rank: 21

Earnings: $85

Tournaments Won: 1

Tournaments Played: 31

Highest Rank At End Of An OSC Season:

2nd (S.3)

Best Result In An OSC World Championship:

World Championships Played:

1 (S.3)

Hall of Fame Achievements:

100+ Tournaments Played In A Season (104 in S.3)

5+ Tournaments Won In A Season (8 in S.3)

S.3 Mid Season Playoffs #2 Champion

Career Stats:

Most Tournaments Played In A Season: 104 (S.3)

Total Tournaments Played: 146

Most Tournaments Won In A Season: 8 (S.3)

Total Tournaments Won: 10

Career Earnings: $935

Last updated: Oct 2022